Monday, October 06, 2008

The Largest Cinnamon Buns in Town


These cinnamon buns I'm going to tell you about might not be quite as heavenly good as the world's best vanilla buns. But they are without question the largest around in town. In fact I've never seen this size of cinnamon buns anywhere, sure the ones at Kafé Kaka in Eskilstuna and also at Vurma are huge, but strangely average when compared with these. One of these buns easily serves at least four people.

However ridiculously oversized things often leave a whole lot to be desired when it comes to quality. In the case of food that basically means consistency and flavour. But I can safely say that in the case of these oversized cinnamon bread babes, what you see is exactly what you get. They are a whole lot of flavourful, cinnamon rich, chewy, crispy chunks of bread to love.

We went all wild and crazy, skipped dinner and shared one for Cinnamon Bun Day. Though I really think they could be shared any day of the year when you crave something cinnamony bunlike (they freeze well too).

If you happen to be in Stockholm and feel in the mood for a close encounter with the largest cinnamon bun in town, head to Café Saturnus at Eriksbergsgatan 6 and get one of these beauties - by that I of course mean the bun and not silly Ernst, this was just *honestly* the only matchbox I found as a object of comparison - for 40 SEK.



Anonymous said...

Yum! This does look perfect to eat on Cinnamon Bun Day!


Pia K said...

Oh yes, it sure was...sigh...

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