Thursday, October 09, 2008

Indian Summer Stockholm


Looking out of the window now it is difficult to grasp the fact that we have been enjoying a few glorious Indian Summer days here in Stockholm this week... I sure hope the weather decides to show its benevolent, sunny side again this upcoming weekend. But for now, it's dull, grey (apart from the trees) and measly as far as rain is concerned.


So this post is going to be all about Stockholm, autumn and truly good weather for this season and since I'm in no witty writing mood just now it'll be about pictures. Which are reliable little ingenuities for all sorts of reasons.

Enjoy the walk by proxy (with Elvira of course, needless to say, no other handbag says autumn like she) through the streets of Stockholm in sunny autumnal mood ~


Summer meets autumn at Barnängens (Children Meadows) allotment garden


Old meets new in Vitabergsparken (White Mountain's park) with Skatteskrapan (the skyscraper that housed the taxation authorities)

Sofia church showing off in Vitabergsparken
Motorway Essingeleden as seen from Gröndal

Pretty, pretty houses at Utkiksbacken (The Lookout hill), Gröndal (Green valley) with a grand view of Stockholm city

View over Reimersholme (Reimer's islet) from Gröndal

October afternoon at lake Trekanten (Triangle) and Liljeholmen (Lily islet), enjoy the autumn sunset with a friend by the lakeside or having fun in the leaves ~



Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely photos! I love the bag and boots. You're certainly a stylish one. Perhaps, I should hide my crocs. On second thought, I'd better not. ;-)


Pia K said...

Thanks, Paz! Your crocs are certainly safe from me, or well, maybe not, if you hide them they just might end up in a Swedish bonfire...;)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Yeah, I think I'd better hide them. ;-)


Per Stromsjo said...

Leaves are just right for having fun. Thanks for sharing this lovely day. I have yet to visit the lake Trekanten. To me it's still just a tram stop.

Pia K said...

Yeah, hide them well, Paz...;)

Thanks, Per, parts of Trekanten are plain boring whilst others are absolutely lovely. And Gröndal is very well worth a visit and a stroll, so many pretty houses and a sleepy smalltown feel to it - plus nice cafés:)

Per Stromsjo said...

In your experience, would those cafés be worthwhile visiting while hunting for lenten buns, semlor?

Pia K said...

Oh, about that I have no idea, I've just tried a rather nice bananapastry, but the coffee was lovely and the outdoor area in the autumn sun too - Lundbergs konditori, can't miss it, opposite from the tram station:)

Obviously there's more exploring to be done there...

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