Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ruby Tuesday


As you can see, Stockholm is still showing its best Indian summer side with an abundance of red shades.


Some of last week's ruby stones have now in parts been transformed into a bracelet, this piece for me, myself and possibly I only. Though there are still a few more stones that need to find their purpose in life...


In Stockholm city you can stumble over red houses that fit even the tiniest inhabitant - in the Swedish countryside you might find red houses for more rural purposes. And sometimes there's even a matching car.


~ Have a good Ruby Tuesday ~

For more Ruby Tuesday participants, head here


Felisol said...

Hi, Pia K,
wonderful jewelry on this site too.
The cute birdie house must have been made by a loving soul.
From Felisol

mark's tails said...

Beautiful pics and cool jewelry. Nice Ruby Tuesday post.

John D. said...

Oh wow! Very beautiful! Our trees are just starting to turn and will be a few more weeks before they look like yours. : )

Where's my duckies? ; )

Raven said...

Beautiful foliage and I love the house with the matching car and birdhouse. I enjoyed scrolling down your whole page. So many wonderful photos of scenery, kitties and food.

Dianne said...

one photo is more beautiful than the next!!

love the bird house

love them all!!

Becky said...

Great reds Pia.
That bracelet is so cool.
I love the red buildings too. I never saw a red birdhouse.
Happy RT a day late.

Pia K said...

Thanks, Felisol, and I agree on the little (bird)house, a lovely work of craft indeed.

Thanks, mark's tails!

Thanks, John! No duckies this time, but everytime I spot one I think of your fondness for them, not every time they are photo-object-cooperative though...:)

Thanks a lot for those sweet
words, Raven!

Lots of thanks for that lovely comment, Dianne:)

Thanks, Becky. The oldfashioned typical Swedish house is red wood with white corners, that's what makes these red bird houses like miniature Swedish homes of some sorts:)

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