Thursday, January 08, 2009

Perk Me Upper (Natural Ingredients Only)


This gorgeously coloured liquid in a glass is something I tell myself, again and again, I should make more regularly. A fruit smoothie. A pure natural, nature's delight, perk me upper that most always tastes wonderful no matter what fruit and berries you decide to mix'n match in the blender.

I usually blend my smoothies with a bit of vanilla yogurt, but from now on I'll skip that and concentrate on fruit and berries only. And bananas make such a lovely creaminess to any smoothie. My fridge lacked banana content this time around though, so in this coral-ruby-loveliness of a fruit drink went one peeled, sliced and diced green apple, two large squeezed oranges, a hand full of frozen raspberries - you can never go wrong with anything raspberry -, a hand full of goji berries - which IMHO are plain nasty to eat as snacks, but I find they work well in smoothies and being jampacked with good stuff - and then whizz on.

A kiwi fruit would probably have rounded this dash tart but refreshingly lovely just the same smoothie off in a nice way. Must remember to buy a few of them and bananas as well as treat myself to this tasteful fruitiness more regularly. Because even if I've been on the just vegetarian path for many, many years and treat myself to and enjoy a plethora of vegetables I admittedly lack a bit of that same zealousness when it comes to fruit.

To sprinkle your favourite fruity delight with, for example, cardamom, cinnamon, psyllium and sunflowerseeds is highly recommendable for that extra touch of all good yumminess.


Poppy Q said...

Hi Pia, your smoothie looks yummy. I love a good fruit smoothie too.


Terry said...

Good morning Pia IS morning here in Canada!
Betty has been almost living on smoothies since her triple by pass in October.
In fact, she is making them for the whole family now.
At first those pop guzzling kids of hers complained and said they probably wouldn't like them but to their surprise, they have taken quite a fancy to them!
These pictures almost convince me to take a hand a making smoothies!
Ya' just never know, eh?
Maybe I can get that Bernie on to a healthy path.
Have a great day...Love Terry

Anonymous said...

oooh... this looks amazingly refreshing and yummy! sure going to try this myself. thanks!

Pia K said...

Thanks, Julie, such a lovely treat they are!

Oh you should try it, Terry! Pineapples and mango are lovely too, whatever's in season really. Yum:)

Glad you liked the looks of it, LSL, it's so easy to make so it's really no excuse for not having a go at it:)

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Love smoothies, make them often. With Kiwis I have made the experience they just impede a little bitterness if added to smoothies or plain yoghurt. When I eat them fresh I don't taste the bitterness. Have you made this experience? This red raspberry smoothie looks delicious.

Pia K said...

To be honest, Titania, I eat neither kiwi nor bananas au naturel because I really don't like their consistency, but I like the flavour and vitamins so they work very well in smoothies for me. Can't say I've found them to add bitterness in my smoothies though, perhaps I've just been lucky and gotten the right combo of fruits?

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