Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stina Smitten, 1 Year Gotchaversary


Today is the 1 year gotchaversary of one blue gal named Stina Smitten - read about her arrival here. One lovely looking handbag - my *slightly* guilty pleasure - who has proven to be a fab camera carrier - yes, with a little work and rearranging even the tele lens fits along with the other necessities - and, as proven in picture, a fearless fighter of lions. In other words, pretty much everything one handbag borderline addict can ask for.

080124 010
Happy one year gotchaversary, my blue companion!


Poppy Q said...

Oh Pia, she is lovely. You better buy her a present.

Pia K said...

That's a great idea, Julie, why didn't I think of that... Do you think one jeans jacket on supersale that will compliment Stina very well come spring counts as a present? We also had a lovely carrot cake in celebration of this special day:)

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