Saturday, January 02, 2010

heavenly bisques

The discovery of exceptions to one's don't-like rules are always very pleasant. So from the same place as the I-don't-like-meringues but these are dreamy I give you - heavenly bisques.


They're ridiculously oversized - one third or possibly a half will do to tame the sweet tooth - the buttercream isn't very buttery (hooray) but tastes so very lovely and smooth of raspberry or pear, the almondy base is both crunchy and chewy in a grand way, it's covered in marzipan that isn't overly sweet.

The three layers compliment eachother so very well and that the buttercream - that I in general very much do not appreciate in pastries, cakes and cookies - is of a very reasonable amount in these delightful bisques.


The bisques fortunate enough ending their days in my residence - before they make some sweet teeth happy and end up in someone's tummy - they even get their own private colour matching guards. Fancy that for fancy bisques.


Anne said...

Menar du att jag måste åka till SALA för att få tag på dem?? *sugen*

A Bun Can Dance said...

Oh my!
Now I really want to eat those biscuits....!
D x

Anonymous said...

Yes! I want one, too. ;-)


Pia K said...

jajamensan, det är för eländigt, anne, eller kanske en himla tur beroende på...;)

wish i could send you some, denise:)

so ok, i wish i could get you some too then, paz...;)

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