Thursday, January 28, 2010

wednesday words

:: The project has begun. Estimated time to finish first bit of project 1,5 months, I will have finished it by tomorrow. That makes one (1) week. On half time. Yes I'm quick and effective, but this is silly. And if there was such a thing as anti-intellectual challenges this first bit of project would get a gold star. Very much not something I thought would one day be the result of all those years of law studies. I fear for braincells losing their elasticity and geist.

That said, they seem to be very grateful for getting the job done. And the general ambiance is friendly, helpful and unpretentious. So it could of course be worse. I do hope it will improve soon. But still. This is not me.

:: With my new glasses I do feel more me. And I see more. So much more. I find myself staring at this and that all the time because everything suddenly seem so bright and clear. I'm in four eyes love with the simple lime green Harry Potterish-but-not-quite-pair. The other pair (not inaugurated yet), claims M, turns me into an Ugly Betty-lookalike. Which is just fine by me. Comparisons could be so very much worse.

Suddenly I don't care much about wearing contacts, for some reason glasses that make me see things very clear again also get me to forget I wear them. And yes, I would love to get more pairs. As I have a fresh glasses recipe now I can order more frames online for close to peanuts and come spring I might feel frisky and do just that.

:: I've always felt some inexplicable (at the time when I perhaps wasn't as much in touch with the inner me as I feel I can be and many times am now) sadness whenever I see mankind's uncaring demolishing, mauling of nature (green pastures and forests, mountains and stones) in order to build and construct, eradicate to ridge. Still do.

Even more so these days when everywhere one look there seem to be new ongoing building schemes of blotting out what has been growing and thriving, developed for hundreds, thousands, millions of years in the blink of an eye. Everywhere one look a building, construction site and nothing is sacred.

Some days I really very much feel that life somewhere countryside far far away would be prefered before seeing politicans and builders eagerly efface so much natural beauty. Perhaps then melancholy over this wouldn't be this constant companion always somewhere in the back of my mind.

:: I may be condemned to eating a tweed hat or two, but I will admit to, despite what I have been known to feel, having a Facebook profile. I just decided to get one a while ago to see what the fuss was about. And I still so do not get it. Yes I do write an odd thing here and there on a not so irregular interval - basically when I feel I need more word than Twitter (which I quite enjoy these days) allows and the things I have an urge to instantly share isn't enough for a real blogpost -

but I can't say I feel it neither that interesting nor important. Most of my friends or family are not on Facebook and for some odd reason we have no problems keeping in touch still. Life does go on just fine without FB. Believe it or not.

Another thing I also think is quite bizarre is the fact that you call every little remote contact you've ever had your friend on FB. I mean really. It may be my conservative, serious Scandinavian me, but I don't call every Tom, Dick and Jane I meet my friend that quick and easy. I separate friends from acquaintances and contacts (even if some may be two or more of these in one great person) and I feel it would be so much more clever and nifty to have such distinctions on Facebook too.

That said. There are lots of lovely blog people and readers out there, kind enough to leave a comment or two or more here now and then that I would be happy to call my very friendly contacts on Facebook. Want to rub Internet shoulders there too, send me an email ~

:: Last day to get the MOO discount, January 31st (Sunday).

:: Still time to be part of the little postcards - bookmark giveaway. Leave a what-kind-of-blogposts-do-I-enjoy-most comment in that post January 31st at the latest.


pärlbesatt said...

Jag kan gärna vara Fejan-vän med dig, med alla restriktioner, utsagda och icke, som det innebär! ;)

Om du vill.

Pip du vet var i så fall. :)

Jag brukar vara ganska bra på käcka utrop om att räkna sina välsignelser och sånt, det kan ju pigga upp emellanåt.

Pia K said...

bättre sent än aldrig, den här kommentaren gillas! en blandning av allvar och käcka utrop är aldrig fel, men tja, det vet vi ju vid det här laget...;)

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