Sunday, January 31, 2010

winter sunday from suburb to city


On this very last Sunday of January - the coldest in Sweden for ages. Not a single day with medium temperatures above zero degrees C. Or was it any temperatures above zero? Or not a minute of temperatures above zero in Stockholm? Or... No matter, cold - here are some glimpses from suburb to city on a day that offered sun and blue skies on top of all snow.


From little red cottages


to castles -
Bro Hof castle which is home to not only a luxuary restaurant (that I hope to have an opportunity to visit one day) but a luxuary golf course that makes even very much non-golfing me go weak-kneed in parts by its stunning green prettiness in summer -


and pretty barns.


From literary signs to


walking on ice -
something I very much shy away from -


from blue buses -
which is a part of the sad public transportation system in Stockholm that really very much doesn't work in Swedish winters. Every year the same... -


to lost mittens, caps and such ~


pärlbesatt said...

Jag upprepar mig... UNDERBARA ljuvliga smärtsamt vackra bilder. Vore jag inte kär i min stad skulle jag bli det av dina bilder.

A Bun Can Dance said...

Are those lost mittens hanging in a public park? I love that idea ;-)
Your photos are so very beautiful - I adore the castle it is like a fairy tale place, and the barns so beautiful, oh I love it all!
Like you, I don't do icy surfaces - in fact I don't do slippery surfaces full stop, having badly broken my wrist a few years back and I've never forgotten that pain!!
Happy days to you,
D x

Lola Nova said...

What beautiful photos, I love the red buildings against the snow! That barn is amazing!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your beautiful photographs of Sweden--so enjoyed seeing them:)
Wishing you well!

Pia K said...

tack, pärlbesatt, för ännu en vacker, uppskattande kommentar! *värmer*

thanks, denise, it was quite a fantastic day with lots of matching views! and yes, those are lost mittens that someone has collected and hanged in a public place, not sure if someone has been reunited with a lost item here, i hope so:)

thanks, alex, i knooow, i thought it was spectacular the barn, even more so in snow.

thank you kindly, aimee, for your sweet words!

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