Monday, January 18, 2010

spectacle snake

This week was suppose to be the first day of the rest of my life. Instead I'm nurturing a cold. Or trying to starve it perhaps. That's life, that's what happens to plans. So those plans have been postponed, while I'm trying to not have a self pity party.

Instead my mushy brain contemplates one of those i-country problems we suffer from in this part of the world. In this case being, did I pick the right models of glasses the other day?

When the cold was just a tingling sensation in the back of my throat past Saturday I had a much needed appointment with an optician. Turned out my sight hadn't deteriorated as much as I feared, but new glasses were certainly a good idea.

I don't see myself as a girl-with-glasses (but I have worn them on and off since late high school, when I rather suddenly went from Superman sight to very farsighted) and I very much prefer using contacts. As in lenses. But the right model of glasses can look great, at least on others, and some days and at home it feels good to rest eyes from contacts wearing. And wearing glasses, the right glasses, give that extra clever and intellectual look, right?

Glasses, or rather the frames, can be so ridiculously expensive and finding a frame you feel comfortable and good with quite tricky. This time I picked a new optician which offers really competitive prices as well as a wide range of great frames (no designer brands). It was easy to get a quick appointment, the staff was friendly and professional, the only minus would be that wide range of frames, it was really difficult to pick THE right frame model.

In the end I picked two (yes for a fab price) different models. One of them rather perky, with apple green frames. I may love colours in clothes and other accessories, in glasses I like the classics. So I must have felt quite daring and frisky when I decided on those. When I get them in a couple of weeks I hope I will be happy with those two choices, from all the much coveted worthy frames in store...

'Glasögonorm' (spectacle snake) is a dispraising phrase in Swedish for spectacle wearers (but also rather endearing if said my the right person), I haven't been able to find the equivalent in English, is there one?

Do you wear glasses? If so do you consider them a fashion accessory or just a boring must?


A Bun Can Dance said...

Well hello, Pia,
Like you I'm a big contact lens wearer (by that I mean I am very much INTO lenses, not that I wear BIG lenses!!!!)
Anyway, I do like to rest my eyes, as you say, at home or on evenings and had the same pair of glasses for ten years - very scratched lenses and paint peeling from the frames - you know the kind!!
Anyway, last month I got me a different pair of glasses - designer no less - and I do love them and have to say I would be more than happy to wear them outside in the big wide world! They are so very FASHIONABLE - and if you saw my wardrobe you'd know I'm no fashionista!! ;-)
Anyway, my frames are apple green and brown ----- in fact, as I write this I think I must just post a photo of the specs on my blog for you to see - of course!
I'm sure you'll love yours when they come, but there's always that fear with glasses that we might not like them and of course there's no going back....
But with your pretty face, you'll make any specs look lovely :-)
Happy days to you,
Denise x

Erica said...

Here in the US we say "Four Eyes", though I must say "Spectacle Snake" is much more whimsicle ;-)

Poppy Q said...

I don't wear glasses, but I think I look good in them, so wish I did. I like the idea of bright glasses, for a change.

Sorry about your cold, I still have one that has hung on for two weeks, and I do wish it would either fire up or go away. I hope you feel better soon.

Lisbeth said...

Glasses are way to expensive and difficult to choose to be a fashion accessory. But it would be nice to have a couple of different ones to choose from..

pärlbesatt said...

Jag är glasögonorm, och efter att ha fått ge upp att handla på Bågar och glas hos min älskade Håkan (all time favourite optiker), av ekonomiska skäl, så köpte jag helt okej röda plastbågar på Smarteyes och är faktiskt helt nöjd, trots att de inte är från Oliver people, Rodenstock, Philippe Starck och allt vad jag nu haft för glasögon förr.

Fantastiska erbjudanden har de.

Pia K said...

your glasses sounds great, denise! still, haven't seen them in blog yet...;) thanks for your sweet comment (as always)!

ah, but of course, i KNEW the phrase 'four eyes', erica! but i agree, spectacle snake is cuter somehow:)

you could wear glasses with just plain glasses without prescription, julie, if it's possible to find something cheap (but nice looking) i'd say go for it, such a simple way to fit the mood du jour:)

these days i think you can get both good and quite affordable glasses in sweden, lisbeth, at least in the big cities were there are so many low-cost-chains these days.

jajamensan, från smarteyes kommer mina oxå, pärlbesatt! så mkt att välja på att det var svårt (och jag skulle mer än gärna skaffa två par till...). har aldrig brytt mig om designers utan alltid gått på pris och enkel modell (för det finns ju alltid roligare och bättre saker att lägga pengarna på oavsett inkomst imho). men nu, när de är riktigt prisvärda så kan jag tänka mig att bli lite galen (mer än vanligt) och testa lite vildare modeller, ja röda och stora känns riktigt riktigt lockande...:) och ett par nya slipade solisar skulle sitta mer än fint...

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