Monday, January 04, 2010

full english


Having sampled my way through B&Bs from north to south, east to west in England and Scotland and had my fair share of full vegetarian English/Scottish breakfasts I have to say that my overall view of it is positive. I'd even go as far as to say I find it (apart from the emphasis on dead animal parts on plate for some) rather endearing somehow. Prepared healthy with good ingredients it's such a great and satisfying way to start a day. I'm far from sure I'd want it every morning, all year round, for the rest of my life, but now and then and on holiday I'm a great fan of a warm plate for breakfast.

Swedish breakfast habits are very personal and vary a lot, they may include some of porridge, 'filmjölk' (sour milk) and cereal or granola, sandwiches, fruit salad, veggies, juices, yoghurt, tea, coffee, hot cocoa. In general I'm a tea, sandwich, grated carrots (latter due to the carrot defect) gal, sometimes sour milk + granola and fruit or porridge with apple sauce if I'm feeling tad adventerous.

The nice thing about a 'full English' is that it really is a perfect lunch or dinner. As well as a perfect way to recreate some lovely holiday memories. This what I had for lunch today ~


It was frabjous (even if I'm still a long way from mastering the perfect scrambled eggs).

What do you like for breakfast? When at home, when on holiday? What is a breakfast must any day? And how does the perfect breakfast/start of a brand new day look?


Lola Nova said...

My breakfast habit varies from season to season. Now, in winter, it is generally a toast made with a hearty homemade seed and nut bread, then spread with almond butter and maybe homemade jam, some coffee (must have my coffee!), and a tangerine. On the weekends it would be the same toast with a scrambled egg and veggie sausage, salsa and cheese (the engineer requires a more substantial breakfast) and of course coffee.

In Spring and Summer it's yogurt with fresh fruit and honey and granola, or a smoothie and yes, coffee.

I only have my coffee in the morning, after that it's tea for the day.

Poppy Q said...

I like strawberries on toast in the summer, and salami on toast in the winter, or a yoghurt or some fruit.

A full English is a bit heavy for me for breakfast, better for lunch.

P.K said...

Breakfast is tricky for me, all I need really is coffee and toast with marmalade or jam. Sometimes yoghurt, or a grapefruit half or fruit compote. I need to eat another breakfast or elevenses that consist of cereal and yoghurt. If someone is making a special breakfast I'll happily eat anything on offer.

Pia K said...

that sounds like lovely breakfasts, alex! all of them in their own seasonal way.

when on english holiday i quite enjoy this english breakfast, julie, mostly just scrambled eggs, tomatos and mushrooms though. toast with strawberry sounds lovely, but quite unusual to me.

it's probably more clever to eat more but smaller meals, p.k, i like the sound of 'elevenses'. cute:)

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