Friday, January 15, 2010

what hides behind the barbwire


For a couple of years now I've spotted something really charming beside the railway tracks when taking the commuter train to and fro Stockholm and its northern suburbs. Charming as in something essential in Sweden during snowy winters having the most unusual and adorable of colours.

I've had the charming thing noted in my book of 'to take photos of one day' for a long time now. The fenced in area is rather tricky situated and well, it really has to be a lot of snow to get a pleasing photo, so there hasn't been a lot of good photo ops for that. (Any excuse is a good excuse.)

Now I could have you guessing what that is hiding behind the barbwire above. But that might lead to sleepless nights of whats and whys, so I'll just show. And tell. And you can sleep a good night's sleep.


Pink snowploughs. If there is such a thing as a cute snowplough that anyone reasonably sane and colourhappy would lust after, surely these would qualify?

Sadly I haven't seen them at work. They always seem to be fenced in, at this spot beside the railway tracks, come summer, come winter. Seems like such a waste, both of good ploughs and the bestest of colours to bright up any winter day.

Even if this might be a pale recognition compared to real work, I have noticed you pink snowploughs. I say a quiet 'hi' whenever I pass the place of you tucked away behind barbwire, now I hope you can enjoy your minutes of (limited) blog fame.



PurestGreen said...

What better way to get people through the winter than the sight of a giant pink snowplough. I love that idea.

Pia K said...

i knooow, it's just great!

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