Sunday, January 24, 2010

graffiti love

If not in a place designated for just that I'm very much not an appreciator of graffiti in general. To me it's vandalism of the most blatant kind that destroys and uglifies public or private property. The cost of restoring the property rarely fall upon the vandals and well, that certainly falls into the category of 'nuisances' in this life and world of ours that makes me quite upset and angry.

Anyhow. There are certain places that surely desperately cry for a bit of 'bright me up', 'please graffiti me' and 'colour me pretty'. Like long dark, grey tunnels and such.

Thus this unexpected message of big love ('jag älskar dig' is the Swedish way to say 'i love you') in one boring tunnel under the road and railway tracks of Stockholm (close to this view) I find quite, quite smitten worthy. I hope the intended object of affection enjoyed it wholeheartedly ~


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