Friday, January 08, 2010

winter salad


I'm on a mission to use up the bits and pieces of this and that stored and left in the back of kitchen cupboard and freezer. I really hate throwing away food, even if it doesn't happen that often it does happen to often for me, especially with the dry ingredients which I seem to buy for a single purpose and then not really sure what to make with the rest (like polenta, any great ideas? No, I really didn't enjoy it fried) and if the due by date is a year or so back, well, bird food it become (which I suppose is a good thing too). If possible.

I like quinoa when I eat out, not so much when I try to make something with it at home (and not only because it is rather unfortunate and suggestive to look at...). But finish that not-so-recently-bought box I now will. So I made a winter salad the other day for lunch. And it turned out grand, colourful, pretty, healthy and satisfying on many levels. Easy to make and very simple to adapt after what's in the fridge at the moment.

Rinsed, peeled and sliced carrots, beetroots, salsifies and parsnips. Baked in oven with oil, salt, pepper and garlic on 200 degrees C for about 20 minutes (depending on size).

Cooked quinoa and then seasoned with salt, pepper and basil (I'm sure thyme or some other favourite herb would be great too).

Cooked the edamame and added them to the above.

Crumbled some feta cheese over the dish and sprinkled sunflowerseeds.

It was a lovely meal with many flavours and textures that complimented eachother well.



Anonymous said...

Very, very nice. Yum!


Pia K said...

thanks, paz!

AidanF said...

Pretty plating. If you are looking for other things for polenta and/or quinoa, some ideas include: saute some brocolli & garlic and put over polenta; I tend to use quinoa as part of burritos along with tomatoes, peppers, zuchinni, and beans.

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