Thursday, January 14, 2010

swedish design ~ nygårdsanna


Nygårds Anna Bengtsson is a Swedish award winning clothes designer with roots in the Dalecarlia region - where the family home name such as Nygårds added to one's name is rather common. And charming I think - who released her first collection in 1993/94 under the name Nygårdsanna.

Since then she has made two limited collections per year - which is a huge plus in my book since I find this four often huge collections per year from most designers rather unpleasant feeding the wear and not even tear mentality of too many people these days - with a rather androgynous, simple feel to them and often in subdued colours. Made in nature materials (linen, wool, cotton) and often with fine handmade details, buttons, embroidery, unexpected stitches and a folklore flair.

Her clothes are certainly not cheap, but quite drool worthy and meant to be loved and last for a long time, both in style and materials. The wear should add patina to the garments, mean something, make them more precious.

As the clothes certainly lack in deep and bright colours I wouldn't want to, if I had the money, wear the brand only. But I do believe that the odd garment makes the wardrobe and the wearer happy. For a long time. They may look rather dull on a hanger, but when worn magic might just happen (and who doesn't want a bit of magic in life).

Last summer I was fortunate enough to find one much coveted summer sun dress (chequered and flower embroidery in one dress!) on sale which made me feel quite happy the rest of the summer. It will be such a delight to wear it again come summer season 2010.


And then this gem of a simple and adorable organic cotton blouse with letters embroidered on front. Quite stunning in its simple white and black only appearance.


As is rather obvious I do not wear black. And technically this had-on-wish-list-all-autumn-happy-found-winter-sale favourite winter dress in wool isn't all black but more of charcoal grey and yes it is chequered in white. It obviously calls for a slip or underskirt, blouse or sweater underneath hence it's wonderfully versatile and the design is irresistibly brilliant in its seemingly simplicity. I wish the model came in many more colours (and in linen for summer, please?). Wallet is very pleased it doesn't.


The tight fitting chunky wool cardigan with crooks was a gift and it goes swell with dress. Some days, some designs work well in black and white. Those days the wearer has to shine and spark a little extra herself. And really, who wouldn't naturally while wearing such prettiness?

In vain (so far) I have searched for information whether the materials in general used in the Nygårdsanna collections are organic (one might think that if the price tags were indicators they should be). Since the dying process (alas) might play a non environmental friendly part of the textile industry I suppose the often natural colours only in the collections are a plus though.

The Nygårdsanna website leaves a lot to be desired, but the photos are exquisite and give a good idea of the style.


Lola Nova said...

I went and looked at the site, (I never look at clothes sites as I can not usually afford or fit into anything) Oh my goodness, I am lusting after these clothes, seriously. It's good I can't easily find them here, for I might go into debt.

P.K said...

Very drool worthy site. I like the aesthetic, the clothing is perfect. The blouse with the letters is beautiful.

A Bun Can Dance said...

Happy Weekend to you!
I've awarded you a Sunshine Blog award over at my place - for bringing a ray of sunshine to my days and lots of inspiration too :-)
Denise x

Helena said...

Hej Kära du!
Jag är så ledsen för jag har tappat en av mina älsklingsvantar...
Så jag undrar om du har några som är färdiga och klara att ta plats på mina frusna tassar???

Stor kram Helena

Pia K said...

i know, from those pictures it is very easy to go lusting after the clothes, alex... sorry;)

glad you liked it, p.k.

thanks so much, denise, how sweet of you!! dito i might add:)

asch, så himla trist, helena:( hojta till om önskad färg asap så kan jag försöka fixa ett par nya till tisdag!

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