Thursday, January 21, 2010

the very first mittens


Behold the very first mittens ever knitted by yours truly. A classic pair of Swedish Lovikka mittens. But in a very strange neonish blue - which doesn't come through properly in photo, for the irl colour think of something between the above and below photo and you get the notion of the somewhat electric hue - that I think stems from the limited colours to choose from at the school's sewing class back then. When I was about 10.

I think I was rather proud when the mittens were finished, and if I recall correctly the teacher wasn't. She was a grumpy woman who rarely praised any of our efforts or work and one often wondered why she had become a teacher at all. She didn't seem too pleased about neither teaching and sharing her knowledge nor children who wanted to learn and create.

I don't use these mittens myself anymore, they've been kept by my mother who decided 2010 was a good year to begin using them once again. I think it's pretty great that they've kept so well for some odd 30 years and the knitting itself I find look better than the Lovikka mittens I made the other year. Go figure.

As for knitting mittens these days, even if the end result can be rather nice and hand warming I don't find the work very appealing, I prefer to crochet mine. But it can be nice to take a wee trip down knitted memory lane now and then.



Lola Nova said...

I love that you still have these and I think them so well done for your first go. Boo on that teacher of yours!

I don't know how I missed so many of your posts, guess I have been in a fog lately. I'm going to go catch up now!

Have a wonderful day? night? Whatever it is, I hope it's nice :)

Pia K said...

thank you, dearie, yes that teacher wasn't one of the best i've had...;)

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