Sunday, February 14, 2010

sunday evening

Sometimes one weekend, two days, just isn't enough time to relax and wind down and prepare for another week. Quite often I find that being so. Unless one absolutely love the way one spends the week of five days I suppose. Which I, alas, don't particularly do at the moment.

For the weekend that was I had many fine plans, big and small, errands, crafts, outings, relaxing things as well as uplifting stuff. I think I completed about 20% of them, because there was also a dire need of good long sleep and necessary be me-time to spend. And sadly not nearly as much reading that I would have liked. Now it's once again Sunday evening and I can't see the week offering a lot of time to complete those things either.

I also had plans to write this and that on blog, but there seem to be something seriously wrong with the uploading and downloading on Flickr. Not only my own photos seem to be 'the dreaded red X' photo not available or only half visible, but that's what I'm met with on other blogs that use 'the Flickr-method' too. Or maybe it's just my computer misbehaving. Anyone having the same problem with Flickr pics?

Anyway. Hopefully it'll be sorted, one way or the other until tomorrow. When I hope to finally be able to announce the winners of the postcards - bookmark giveaway. I already know who they are, soon you will too. In an ideal world I would love to be able to give each and everyone who left a comment in that post a set of the above, since I was (and am) truly chuffed about their absolute sweetness. Instead I offer tulips on blog and wish you all the finest of weeks ~

*tulips will have to wait, Flickr will just not cooperate,
for now there'll be only heartfelt wishes*


Lola Nova said...

It is hard to all that you wish in one small weekend, always a struggle.
This weekend very little was accomplished over here, feeling as though I am out of breath and can't catch up with the chores and all. Ah well.

Happy Valentines, may you have a more inspiring week and plenty more "you time" in the future.

Take care

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

The vanishing weekend - yes, I know that syndrome...

Y'know, there's no need to worry about the tulips. The heartfelt wishes will do just nicely ;)

Pia K said...

thank you, alex, oh yes, we all need more 'me-time', clearly. and i constantly struggle with this 'acceptable norm' of how life/work should be done. sigh.

i'm glad you think so, afos, the tulips will appear in a post of their own someday instead:)

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