Wednesday, February 10, 2010

wednesday words

:: Even though I in my usual manner think my days these days consist of too many unimportant meetings to keep people from actually working and not enough real and interesting, intellectual challenging and creative work I'm quite out of wit and inspiration when it comes to blogging. And not enough energy or geist to read as much as I usually do. Or feel the urge to knit (!).

This can't be meant to be. This can't be life. And I don't even get paid properly for having such uninspiring days.

On the bright side I had a really lovely lunch with a friend I don't see that often today. In a similar situation jobwise, with a different background, though clearly deserving so much more. We talked, ate, laughed and grumped, had a long walk in a Stockholm that can most definitely be described as , despite heaps of snow and treacherously icy streets, having spring in the air.

:: Even though I like to live by the idea that 'of two choices, two paths, chose the one that gives you the most resistance because it's the one that will make you grow the most' I also think that 'chose your battles wisely' is another good idea. Today I chose the most resistance-path in a matter that has upset be quite a bit as lately. It may be a minor thing in the big picture, but it really very much bugged me.

And as easy as it may be to write angry emails and stand up for yourself and others - and I have to admit I kind of love that. Ah, the lawyer in me thrives. Not that I always feel like making a big deal of matters wrong, I do chose my battles, but when I do it's quite delightful... - that way, it's far from always very pleasant to go all the way and face your adversary irl (which certainly can be seen as a prime example of the pros and cons with easy accessable Internet/online life).

Today I did the latter. And as most usual it wasn't at all as bad as it could have been. I may have been a bitch in parts - but in my full right of course - but also a reasonably well behaved one. And I came out wiser and with what was rightfully mine. And the lesson learnt (hopefully, perhaps, maybe) by adversary not to write such crappy contracts brimming with discrepancies (and spelling errors).

:: Tomorrow I have another gruesome meeting I could, would have liked to, be without. But even though perhaps not triumph I will surely survive that one too. And then comes Friday. And the weekend. And perhaps, maybe enough time to read, knit, catch up on blog reading, write and get at least a bit of sweet mojo back until another week begins.

:: Do you have to be stupid to be on Facebook? I wonder, since so many, too many (when one's one too many really) people think it's normal to 'lend money' to 'friends' on Facebook or be 'friends' with potential or current bosses and then think it's perfectly alright to whine about being scammed-not getting the job-feeling wronged by employer on television and in papers. Jeez, what's wrong with people? And where did they get their IQ from, the cornflakes box?

:: Today I got my electrical bill for January. So. Not. A. Good. Thing. for this winter.

:: I recently read that Albert Einstein is said to have had a lifelong suspicion of all authority. One healthy and wholehearted hear hear to that!

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A Bun Can Dance said...

Dear Pia
Sounds like you need a good session with a punch bag! (I'd love to have a punch bag - oh the tension and aggression it would free us from!). Good for you in confronting the issue at work and having your say - it always feels good to stand up for your rights, doesn't it?
As you say, I can't quite grasp some of the stories which come out of facebook, but as I'm not a facebook member I am only going by hearsay. Give me blogging any day!
Damn that electricity bill - dread to think what our heating bill is going to be when I'm home with heating on all day, most days.
I hope you have a lovely weekend of knitting and reading and lots of good hot drinks and food,
Happy days,
Denise x

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