Sunday, February 21, 2010

green peas


Not really a fan of green peas. In general. But since I found a bag of them in the freezer past week I've quite enjoyed them in a few dishes.

creamy pasta tricolore with soy sausage, peas and carrots

lentil and bean stew with peas, carrots and fried halloumi

peas-paprika-garlic noodles with quorn

But most of all they do look mighty fine and very green in an orange bowl in snow, don't you think?


Lola Nova said...

green peas, one of my girl's favorite snacks, she likes to eat them frozen!

Poppy Q said...

I love green peas, especially in any pastas or rissotto. Yummy.

Pia K said...

ah, whatever makes her happy, alex, i'm sure they make a great snack if one's tastebuds say so...;)

i generally don't, julie, but maybe i should think again. they're quite versatile i guess. and don't have to be served boiled to mush as a side-dish as in some countries...

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