Tuesday, February 02, 2010

happy groundhog day ~

Tad late but I'm sure that at this time somewhere on this globe it's still Groundhog Day!


I wonder if one loaf dog peeping out from under a snowcovered garden bench can be seen as the Swedish equivalent of Punxsutawney Phil?

Looking out the window at the latest blizzard spring does seem awfully long long away at this part of globe though...


Not that such a minor detail
seems to matter for one happy loaf.



A Bun Can Dance said...

Pia, your dog is so very cute! He could have a blog all of his own :-)
I hope you are well and having a good week,
Denise x

Floss said...

What a wonderful dog! Here in France there are similar stories to Groundhog day, but they are about bears!

Titania said...

Perhaps Malte was a snowman in his earlier life, as he, exuberantly enjoys the snow.

Pia K said...

thank you, denise, i bet he thinks that would be a swell idea so *sshh* don't tell him...;)

thank you kindly, floss! i think groundhog but in bear costume stories sounds intriguing indeed:)

ha, ha, perhaps so, titania:)

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