Saturday, February 20, 2010

the new look, one year later

Exactly one year ago (February 20th 2009) this blog turned all green. Not as in envy or all organic but in looks. Since then there have been hundreds of blog posts appearing here and surely no-one can disagree when I say that that the once upon a year ago new green dress have made them all look so much better?

Looks are far from everything, but for those times when inspiration runs low and clever thoughts turned into words shine with their non-presence a flattering garment does a good deed to hide the flaws.

And for those days when the writing and published posts are of the more inspired kind, the lush green looks surrounds them in an eye pleasing way.

For me the green dress of 2009 has been a source of almost daily delight (and comfort when things feel less than happy green) and I'm glad to say still is. And just for that reason I, this blog, will have a little green post of this and that kind for this upcoming week.

And below behold three of my green favourite things -

one for many years favourite NoaNoa green silk NoaNoa skirt that's sadly falling to pieces and will have to be mended in one way or the other;

a pair of comfy summer shoes from favourite green (as in organic and recycled materials as the shoes are grey. In fact the exact same grey as in one fabulous handbag named Nora with a fantastic green lining...) shoe brand El Naturalista;

green, green garden grass on a warm, warm summer day.

The black addition in photo, despite not being green if not in envy, is another favourite of mine, simply swooning in awe of all the wonderful green prettiness seen all at once.

So, what's you favourite green thing?



Catherine said...

Well green is generally my favourite colour but in particular I love my new green FLY shoes that were bought for me by hubby! I LOVE THEM!! Cx

Poppy Q said...

I love the green leaves on the trees blowing in summer breezes.

I LOVE you green El naturalista shoes - so sweet.

Lola Nova said...

One of my favorite green things is Basil, deep lush green and scent of deliciousness!
Love the skirt and shoes and wee black cat.

I've just changed the look of my blog, still don't know how I feel about it yet, remains to be seen.

Pia K said...

it's good the love for green shoes, catherine! i've seen some fly london shoes/boots i wouldn't mind having, so i quite get your excitement there;)

thank you, julie, and yes that's one fine green moment i agree!

thanks, alex, and oh yes basil is such a great herb. i didn't like it at first, but it certainly has grown on me for years now, mmm...

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