Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the denim jacket


In general I'm not a jeans or denim kind of gal, the style and garments may look great on others and I hear it's suppose to be comfy. Me, I've never actually found jeans to be comfortable to wear, rather the opposite actually. Some exceptions to this personal view exist, though they are a few and mostly of the more tailored denim kind.

But when I find one of those exceptions I tend to be very happy and wearing it a lot. Because denim goes so very well with any fabric, style and most occasions depending on accessories. I've treasured some denim jackets over the years and I'm so very pleased about my latest bargain. Something I stumbled over at the outlet village shop (with my number one favourite brand, Danish Noa Noa) just hanging there, all alone, with a 80% discount (~35 $). And in the right Pia size. Sometimes life is good in denim.


I think the pocket embroidery totally rocks and I had serious plans of adding something similar to the collar, but I think the quirky little seams (that I didn't notice when I bought it, seen on top above) are good just as they are. And they match the quirky details on sleeve.


However, I would like to add something special and jazz it up somehow (and brooches just aren't enough) and hey presto, M (yes, generously giving him cred for the idea) came up with the brilliant notion of using the sweet handmade ceramic half eaten apples and worm button set that screamed 'buy us!' at African Touch (a place I really recommend for a good shopping experience on many levels) recently and change the ordinary buttons in jacket now into half eaten apples with wee worm delight.


The buttons, which come in many shapes, are from South African Incomparable Buttons, handmade and oozing uniqueness. Read more about the interesting company's story here.

So come green spring, this fine denim jacket bargain with be yellow-green appley smiley wormey sweet ~


And yes, I do feel very, very fortunate to be living in a very reasonable proximity to a Noa Noa outlet shop... Courtesy of that shop too, amongst other treasures, are gorgeous winter coat (that once turned me into a giant princess cake) and last year's (now more than well worn) plaid skirt.


Anne said...

Oh, very very very very nice! I want a classic denim jacket this spring, no idea where I'll find one though...

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

You can't beat a good denim jacket!

Mind you, this is certainly a little different from the rest - what a find!

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

A really nice denim Jacket with Pizazz. I think this jacket is waiting for the cute apple buttons, very special, very Pia!

Poppy Q said...

What a sweet jacket. I live in jeans although having a curvy figure it is difficult to find a good fit.

Finding such a sweet jacket on sale is great!! I bet you will look cute in it Miss P.

Pia K said...

thanks, anne. i find that hunting for a specific garment usually is fruitless, more have it in the back of mind, always scout but not on-a-mission-like:)

thanks, afos, i'm so pleased!

thanks, titania!

thank you, julie, i hope so yes:)

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