Thursday, February 25, 2010

the green boots


I committed a mortal sin today. I colour coordinated handbag with boots. Oh the shame. It was however purely accidental, please believe, and when I had to rush for bus it was really too late to change either.

And as they weren't close to each other all the time all day I think I got away with it. Barely. And as both features have green patterns and different hues it may not have been obvious or even visible to the less than discerning eye. Perhaps.

I got through the day. And if the no-no-colour-coordination squad hasn't called yet I don't think it will, I won't tell and I hope you won't. And I solemnly swear it will not happen again. No, no.


On the bright side of this grave mortal sin, the handbag called Tindra that rarely get out and about these days was absolutely loving every minute of fresh air and having to work for her keep.

And the glorious boots. Well, as I've worn the beloved red boots pretty much all day since winter struck - apart from a couple of days with a pair of old boots that used to be comfy but now made serious way for the return of the aching left foot, ay - feet (and boots) were in desperate need of change. Enter, a pair of siblings, same model (El Naturalista Iggdrasil) but on sale (hooray) and in the most fantastic subdued yet spunky green hues. Love at first green boots sight.

Feet very, very happy. Undersigned concur. And red boots grateful to get some well deserved rest and relaxation from everyday winter wear and walking.


Jacqueline said...

I love the boots Pia!

Nishi said...

At least the individual pieces are so lovely! Nice blog, btw :)

Titania said...

Great looking boots, Pia. How could you? I am shocked, coordinated that is not IN...I say it again IN not more. LOL coordination was the IN thing in my days. Even the gloves had to match. Wasn't that silly, all the energy spend to look for matching gloves, handbags and shoes. ( It was a bit of fun too!)

Pia K said...

thank you, jacqueline!

and, nisha, for your kind comment!

ha, ha, i knooow, titania, it all went wrong this morning...;) but as you say, the idea of matching is both silly, crazy AND a bit of fun.

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