Thursday, February 18, 2010

on ice - vikingarännet


Vikingarännet (translates to The Viking Run/Furrow/Channel) is an annual (if weather permitted) ice-skating race that takes place on the ice of lake Mälaren between Uppsala and Stockholm.

The 80 kilometres long run - that takes place on the waters of the old viking route with many cultural sightings - first started in 1999 and is opened to amateurs and competitors alike.

Vikingarännet is organised by Friluftsfrämjandet (The Organisation of Promotion of Outdoorlife) and Svenska Skridskoförbundet (The Swedish Skating Association).

The 2010 race had 3400 participants and the winner reached the goal at Rålambshovsparken (The Rålambshov Park) with the time 2 hrs 57 min.

A part of the race passes this little part of the Mälaren waters and as you would never ever see me on skates -

because A) I took numerous skating lessons as a child, I hated most every bit of it (every nasty thing that can happen when you combine slippery ice and sharp edged skates) and every year after seemingly endless weeks it gave me the coveted 'I've passed ice-skating class' medal. The next winter I was a newbie again. I'm totally and utterly without talent or inclination on ice.

B) I have a healthy fear of deep waters. And really don't care if said waters are covered of many inches of thick ice. Underneath are still deep waters and as far as I know walking on deep waters isn't included in the human features -

so I did the much wiser thing. I walked on ice and snow on dry land. With camera. Here are glimpses of said race. I love the way the light and snow make people look like they float in the air. And enjoy watching the diversity of more or less becoming and weather appropriate skating outfits ~


Read more about Vikingarännet here (both in Swedish and English. Though beware of a website that leaves a whole lot to be desired.)


Anonymous said...

that's a lot of participants. they look nice in their colors against the background of the snow.

thanks for stopping by my food blog. let us know what you bake. ;-)


P.K said...

This looks like a fun winter event. Something that I would prefer as an observer, skating has always been a challenge for me.

Poppy Q said...

I'm with you miss P, ice, cold, wet and slipping over is a combination I try and avoid. And like you, I would be just as useless every year.

What an awesome race though.

Julie Q

Pia K said...

thanks, paz, all this snow and light makes for great effects with colours. at least.

haven't baked a cake yet, so many droolworthy recipes so little time/energy for it... but will let you know when done of course:)

i'm sure it's great fun (probably) and good exercise to skate, p.k, but really, not my game either...

welcome to the club of useless skaters, julie:)

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