Monday, July 11, 2011

bobbaloo travelling, day one

Upon leaving Sweden this was the exitement shown by Seth and Jojo.

Some four hours later, this was the first glimpse of Germany for six little bobbaloos.

After a while of driving these fields of gentle giants (aka wind turbines) were a welcome sight. The first for Calvin and Leonard. They too were in awe of the fabulastic views.

Alas, Internet accesss doesn't work as it's suppose to at hotel (or otherwise). Funny how the involuntary non-access can be such a nuiscance, when voluntarily chosen it's just liberating... I'm hoping this won't be the only short travel update with a few snaps. So, more to come.


Fuzzy Tales said...

Never mind internet access, just enjoy your marvellous holiday and post when you're home! :-)

Lindsay Jordan said...

Aww! Seth and Jojo are so cute!

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