Monday, July 04, 2011

polka tea and perky nails


I'm not much of a nailpolish wearer in general. Well, most always on toenails but far from as frequent on fingernails. But so far this summer I have been a pretty exception to that personal rule. Changing to new colours once the old one gets chipped. Currently I'm sporting this combination of pink and blue, very perky I think!


Hot pink is #569 Flamingo from Danish Gosh and the lovely dark denim blue is from Orly. I just spotted it's called Witch's blue (which is something one shouldn't mention to M, he'll make a joke about that forever). Must be perfect for putting on spells then, very clever with a dual purpose like that. Both polishes have been rather decent as far as chipping goes, I have only re-applied a touch of polish here and there during the week I've worn it.


I may be under the spell of the nailpolish, but really, sometimes I even scare myself with the (subconscious, promise) matching that's going on...


The polish also goes well with the irresistable tea I picked up the other week. Polkagris (Swedish peppermint candy canes) flavoured. Smells lovely and is quite nice to drink. Possibly with a whiff of "fluortant" - the fluor-lady aka the dental hygienist who roamed the schools in Sweden during the 60-80ies with her obligatory fluoride rinsing. Some of us had parents who didn't believe it was a prudent thing to subject children's teeth to, so we were excused. And no, my teeth haven't suffer from the lack of that regular close contact with the fluortant - but still agreeable. The tea is also sold online, though alas the website does look very... crude, and is also only available in Swedish it seems.

Now, time to take my pink and blue nails and go get a cup of polkagris tea I think. Cheerio ~


Suman said...

Lovely combo, pink and blue! :-)

The Elephant's Child said...

Enjoy the tea. I have to ask though - are you matching your tea cups to your nails too?

Angella said...! Its pink and green not pink and blue! :) Lovely just the same. :)

TheDogLikeCynic said...

Interesting about the tea and the "fluor-lady". One of my favorite teas I get is a simple peppermint tea. I love to add milk and honey to it and sip it on cool nights...yum...

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