Saturday, July 02, 2011

the pink splint


Well, I did ask for a coloured acrylic splint (for my jaw tension stress issues), I did mention red and pink. They said it was probably not going to be possible. So after having done the imprints a couple of weeks ago I had set my mind on getting a night guard that was just an ordinary transparent one.

When I picked it up the other day and the dentist exclaimed "you got a pink one!" I was not as happy a bunny as one would have imagined when I saw the hue. I had thought of cerise/hot pink and not a very unpleasing gum pink colour.


I got the colour matching bobbaloos to pose with it, Georgia, Sissi and Calvin all think it's a mighty strange device AND colour. I've used it for three nights now, feels tad strange (and my mouth gets dry, which, granted, might have something to do with the 30+ degrees weather and not the splint...) but not as weird as I'd imagine. My jaws feel less tense and sore in the mornings, but the upper row of teeth still needs time to adjust to the night press. As long as it works, and not have to be worn in public, it doesn't have to be the prettiest in pink or sight.

Now, beware, if you're a sensitive person with a delicate mind you should not look at this next photo. This is the acrylic splint at work. And it is a sight that may cause nightmares. Bah, what's Freddie Krueger, and Jason compared to Pink Splint Pia?


The pink splint wearer is however this laughingly happy about the fact that she snatched a couple of the best seats in the quarry, to go see Bryan Ferry (whose music btw I adore, political/animal welfare views not) in Dalhalla on August 20, 2011. I will not say "I can't wait!" because I can, first I want to experience this summer, this upcoming vacation wholeheartedly and this concert will *just* be one of many lovely things happening this summer, this year. I'm sure this concert will be magic.


thepowmill said...

You are so funny . I enjoy all the pics . Special effects !

Fuzzy Tales said...

All I can think is how white your teeth are. LOL.

Well, you have to be careful what you ask the universe for...and you have to be very specific. You definitely got "pink," even though it wasn't what you had imagined. :-)

DahnStarr said...

Are you kidding! This color is great! Look at all the fun you can have with it. Pop it in, hunch your back and toddle after the hubby saying: "Come here little boy and give me a big ol kiss!" It could also come in real handy if you use it when you great unwanted guests at the door. "ya all just come on in, I just be fix'n up some sweet tea!"

P.K said...

You are lucky! That is a nice pink, better than the murky clear one I have. I think the bobbaloos are a bit
intimidated by the sheer size of the thing.

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