Friday, July 01, 2011

windmills of my mind and life


It's Friday, it's been a hard-working week and I had decided not to dwell on people that have a continous tendency to make really unversed, stupid, ignorant remarks on rather personal matters and personality traits after they have praised one's work/behaviour/looks. People that treat one (me) as a child, since I clearly do not know what's best for me.

If I was a pettier person I could say a. lot. about this person's less that efficient and professional approach to work, but I see no point, I'm completely satisfied with the matters the person has remarked on - I just think it's pathetic and so unnecessary for that the person in question to always follow up the public kind-hearted, generous remarks with these pinpricks - and I condescend. Inwards. And mumble. Outwards.

That said, that tad dwelled. I am very pleased that I have now finished the two main things that have kept be busy for some weeks now, the final report -

which will make its way to the, blown out of proportion and hyped, annual Swedish political event Almedalen week, that takes place next week. Hopefully it will not be warped there and even more hopefully it will lead to something good. If not for me for someone else to come. Myself I am just relieved to have finished it, put my name to it and yes, I'm satisfied with its content and my writing -

and the art project "Building a home". Suddenly life at the moment feels anticlimactic, as it does when you've poured a lot of energy and work into something that all at once is over.

Next week I will *be available* but mostly do work that benefit me alone and be done from home (have I mentioned how much a bliss I find working from home?). After that, three glorious weeks of me-myself-and-I holiday time. Oh Berlin, oh tad Copenhagen, oh tad Scania, oh summer.


Oh windmills of my garden. In the shape of an affordable pair from German company Philippi, one pink, one green. It doesn't get much better than that. In my garden.

It's weekend, have lovely one ~



The Elephant's Child said...

Loved the windmills. You have a good one (weekend) too.

TheDogLikeCynic said...

Have a great weekend. And yes, no use dwelling on people who are unkind or make snide remarks, particularly after trying to justify the remark with a complement at the beginning. Let those remarks roll right off of you and walk on. Nothing aggrevates a mean person more than being unaffected and pleasent.

thepowmill said...

Enjoy the time doing things for you. Please share some of your pics with us when you return . Always bright and cheering .

Julianna said...

I was in Ohio for a family reunion the very same weekend that you made this post... my mother's reunion theme for this year? Pinwheels. Pinwheels everywhere. Such a funny coincidence! :)

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