Friday, July 29, 2011



Created in 1968 by Danish furniture designer Gustav Ehrenreich the Hoptimist has now been re-launched. The little fella (who comes in different sizes, models in plastic and wood) is certainly a moodlifting creation. I chose a wee green one (Baby Bumble Little Lime) to have nodding encouragingly beside my computer.

But before he can start his new job it seems like the bobbaloos think Little Lime needs to learn not to be this perky. Always. Because that simply can't be healthy. Perkiness in adequate doses. So Little Lime is still in session with the bobbaloos and I'm alone at the computer. It'll do for now.

Now is when I'll go and try squeeze the good out of my last holiday weekend - next week I fear Little Lime will be very busy beside my computer... - hope your weekend will be a lovely spent one.

Be kind to eachother ~


Fuzzy Tales said...

Baby Bumble Little Lime is cute and endearing, but definitely too cheery for certain times of the day--such as first thing in the morning before coffee or tea. LOL.

Have a wonderful weekend, Pia. We have a holiday weekend in most provinces in Canada (Monday) and it's hard to believe that our next long weekend will be Labour Day, September. Where has half the summer gone?

Alisha Singh said...

Lime is chirpy. My favorite is Pia. Enjoy great time ahead. I quite like your blog.

Lost Star said...

Heh, quite the little cutie!

Julianna said...

Well, that perked up my morning, Pia-Style! :)

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