Thursday, July 28, 2011

i love berlin birkenstock sandal


My Birkenstock goal for Berlin this time - where they sell them at at least half price compared to, in this case, over-priced Sweden plus the German assortment is of course much larger - was set; a pair of open toe-sandals for summer lounging at home. I still managed to get two instead of one pair that day. The reason for that being this pair. Because who could resist?


A limited edition style of sandals with the Berliner bear (or "bär" in German, in Swedish "bär" means "berry". End of language lesson) print.

Not only über-comfortable but also quite the perfect souvenir, win-win! In general I loath the obvious "I love city so-so" prints, thus these sandals with their special print are very discreet, only someone who knows Berlin and their bear-symbols would know. De-lovely.

The other pair open-toe pair I chose in the end are also black-and-white, flowery. Needless to say, the least favourited "colour"-combination of mine, but in this particular model the one I enjoyed most. Bobbaloos though, they totally heart and approve the bear sandals most (although granted, if I hadn't been so set on open-to ones, they think I should have gone for these twin-sandals with animal prints instead...).



Elephant's Child said...

With the bobbaloos approval, how could you go wrong?

Shaheen said...

Oh they are rather cute. I need to wear more sandals, my feet are always stuck in tights or socks (part of feelign cold in Scotland).

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