Wednesday, July 06, 2011

wednesday words


:: Less than a week away now, we'll be onboard this boat for a few hours heading to Berlin. With me will come a couple (or possible three) bobbaloos. They will be definitely travelling more in style than this poor teddy. I'm still not sure which ones that will tag along, it will be a long and tiresome trips for little bobbaloos so I'm thinking there should be more than two. And it is kind of sad if they don't get to travel in pair. But three small bobs fit in the travel cabin, four don't. To have two bobbaloo travel cabins seems tad excessive, no?

:: I have at least narrowed the possible wee travellers down to 8. If I had thought about this earlier we could have had fun with a poll. Too short a time for that to really matter now I think.

::  You might be very clear on what you want, and not. But when it's possibly within your reach, why is it so easy to still question both your capability (even if you do know you're more than capable) and if this really IS what you want? Is it simply that no matter how crappy status quo might be, you at least know how to deal with it?

:: Now beware of a luxuary problem musing; I am guilty of a too large wardrobe. I like clothes, period. In parts I admit, I am a part of the consumerism-problem. Although not in the wear and tear part, I never buy cheap stuff that doesn't last. But still, too much clothes even after I've did some drastic wardrobe cleansings some years ago and I have far from replaced those garments.

That it seems to be too much might, really, also have something to do with the fact that I'm completely un-organized. I would love to have a great overview of the upperparts, the lowerparts, the colours, the seasons - although there really isn't any seasons like there used to be - instead it's just a hotchpotch of different things in different wardrobes in different parts of the house. One day, one day, I will turn one of the rooms into a walk-in-closet.

I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't have any strange addictions - possibly apart from bobbaloos, but really, that's just a sweet quirk - but I like pretty garments. You have to wear them, so why don't wear nice things that makes you happy, pretty and comfortable.

That said, I have a problem with the clothing-industry being one of the major environmental criminals, I really do look for long-lasting and eco-garments. I loath the wear-and-tear-mass-production. I wish there were some way to be sure, other than the price which is just an indicator not a proof, that the ones in the beginning of the production-line have gotten a fair deal, good working-environment and a decent salary. It is quite obvious they haven't when you get a T-shirt for 7$. We do take a lot for granted, looking for cheap deals everywhere.

So my fondness for clothes - but not fashion, that's boring, mass-produced and transient - isn't without complications, I think a lot about consumerism, even when I feel happiness by looking through the wardrobes of wonderful colours, fabrics, patterns and prettiness, I feel a sting of guilt. For all my Western-world fortune. The ambiguousness of a large and pleasing wardrobe.

:: Since some months back I'm on Pinterest (like *everyone* else). Got the invite via Twitterjunta. Wasn't really active at first, saw it could get dangerously addictive. Then I was active for a while, but then I felt like "what's the use of all inspirations and prettiness if you never actually have the time to create yourself but instead your glued to Pinterest?". What do people do with their Pinterest-boards? For me it just tends to get really overwhelming, all that inspiration and prettiness, the oh and the awww, row upon row upon row upon... So I limit my visits.

All for now, more of thoughts another day. Cleaning, packing, planning, washing beckon.


The Elephant's Child said...

Have a truly wonderful trip. And perhaps the bobbaloos could decide who goes?

Becky said...

Have fun on your trip and post lots of pictures please!

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