Thursday, July 21, 2011

and we are home again

Back in Sweden, back home. It feels awesome to sleep in one's own bed, have the cups of tea just the way I like them, cuddle with furries and just be me, here and now. But it was a brilliant trip, actually one of the best holidays yet I've been on. It may have been the company of bobbaloos, it may have been other factors. But them bobs have been so much fun (mostly, not counting the incident with them raiding the hotelroom bar and a few times of too much caffeine) and overall very pleasant fellow travellers.

All and all, so much experienced, so much seen, new and old, so many photos taken, great food - including one, if not THE, best meal I've had so far and it was vegan and partly raw food. Of course more of that to come in a pretty post of its own - great coffee, lovely shopping, including too many a few fine shoes, lots of Bookcrossing, being inspired, being uplifted, being tired and exhausted by all the walking, driving and too little sleep, having overall very good weather (never too hot and never raining). Lots of lovely loveliness, since I have been able to be quite good at staying in the mindfullness of here and now. Mostly.

shoe per diem july 13, 2011 - berlin beach

In the end it was just too laborious to try and connect with the computer during the time away, so the Internet connection was strictly iPhoneic hence no blogging. I've regularly uploaded iPhone snaps to Flickr, but now commence the downloading, uploading, editing of the 'real deal'. Which will take its sweet time...

There are hundreds of stories to tell, thousands of photos to show, but for now, a few beach snaps which, surprisingly amidst all the citiness of this trip, symbolize treasured golden moments during the very same trip.

pia at the beach #fromwhereistand

PS The bobbaloos have also made a new little green Danish friend, he's called Hoptimist Baby Bumble Little Lime. A very happy, bouncy li'l fella. I'm hoping too that he'll have a positive influence on not only the bobs (as if they need that, bah!) but on my imminent future, come end of vacation time in a couple of weeks. DS

bobbalos got a new friend; hoptimistic baby bumble little lime


Elephant's Child said...

Really happy that you and the bobbaloos had a wonderful holiday. Looking forward to the photos.

Vickie said...

and a lovely time was had by all (us virtual vactioners too)!!

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