Wednesday, May 23, 2012

two halfs of an avocado

first rhubarb

You know the thing I mentioned about asking for a vegetarian option at one of this week's events? Fun fact of that evening: my vegetarian option turned out to be exactly two halfs of an avocado. Not a very ripe avocado at that. At first I laughed, surely it must be a joke? But no, the year 2012 someone (with a peabrain) thought that to slice an avocado in half would be the perfect vegetarian option.

I left early - the avocado issue wasn't the main reason, but it sure helped to see that this venue, this network probably isn't for me. The lack of fantasy, hopelessly outdated, the disrespectfulness, I find it quite appaling.

I could write a long long post about a lot of things regarding this, details that make it even more odd, also involving trusting your gut feeling, but at the same time struggling to separate stuff and situations I myself find awkward but that could perhaps benefit Prosit and business.

The importace of surrounding yourself with people that give you energy and inspiration, that share your core values but also challenge you to think in new ways. To chose your networks wisely, but still be curious about new venues and situations, while being true to yourself and your beliefs.

But I won't. I will only establish that there is now a very obvious phrase for things awkward, disrespectful, appalling, annoying, lazy, outdated etc etc;

two halfs of an avocado.

Feel free to use it.


Elephant's Child said...

In this day and age, that is just plain laziness.

Poppy Q said...

Gosh I am shocked Miss Pia, I thought the Swedish chefs would be more greenie than that, and I hope you wrote a complaint letter to the organisers.

I helped run a conference in 1998, and we made sure that there would be vege and gluten free options on each menu.

julie and poppy Q

Fuzzy Tales said...

That's it, just two avocado halves? I mean, I love avocado, but here, too, we always have a variety of vegetarian and vegan (if requested) options at events.

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