Saturday, September 22, 2012

autumnal equinox

i know, every year i try to embrace autumn and what the weather brings with this season in scandinavia and yes over the years i've come to accept and enjoy its gorgeous colours, crisp air, unpretentiousness and promise of new beginnings more and more. but still, despite being an autumn child (only a month plus away now) wistfullness is the predominant feeling i have this time of the year. (maybe more so this year, thanks to a mix of weltschmerz and my current state of, in lack for a precise word, blah.)

but it is the season of fine socks, good boots, lots and lots of cups of tea, candlelight and snuggle ups in sofa. etc etc. (and since it's saturday you can have a bowl of candy. and carrots. the more carrots you have, the more sweets you can have, right? right.)

what's your favourite thing/s about autumn?


madpiano said...

I normally love autumn - the warm September days, the frozen grass and coloured leaves in October and even the rain and drizzle in November. Curling on the Sofa and reading a good book, candles, log fires, Bonfire Night, Halloween, Pumpkin Carving, eating roasted chestnuts, collecting mushrooms. It's all great. But not this year. This year it feels all wrong, as we didn't have a summer. There were no long lazy days in the garden. No melting tarmac, going to the Lido, spending days at the beach etc. I had the heating on in July, my washing has been drying indoors most of the time and it is getting cold so quick this year! Even those really nice September days already have a winter's chill to them.... not liking it this year at all!!

Elephant's Child said...

I love Autumn and envy you a little for getting it now. Snuggling into bed is good, instead of panting on the top layer. Comfort food. Crisp mornings and beautiful skies. Foliage in a colourful frenzy. Oh yes, it has a lot to recommend itself.

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