Sunday, September 09, 2012

flower picking sunday

yes i was discharged yesterday, just in time to get to a much awaited author talk - more about later - it was lovely to eat and sleep at home.

alas i have not gotten a clean bill of health, so i need to go through lots of more tests and examinations. sigh. double sigh. while the noticeble symptoms, for me, are still 'only' the runny nose (one nostril) and tiredness. ah well.

today we finally got around to pickung flowers (växplats nybyn of course). i got a lovely bunch. the bobbaloos were great helpers. and the flowers were duly inspected upon arrival home.

hope your sunday has been a fine one!


Elephant's Child said...

I am glad that you are home, and sorry that you have to go through yet more tests. The flowers were amazing - and I loved the cat inspection. Our Jazz has to be discouraged from giving them the 'chew test'.

Lena R said...

I hope it turns out you're okey after the darn tests. Get well soon!

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