Monday, September 24, 2012

green nails - again

go green

I keep telling myself that my favourite colour is pink, then orange and red but to be honest in the end, when I can chose I most often go for green things (on quite a few levels and in many ways obviously).

Thus when it was time for doing the nails - and remove the stripey ones - I didn't go for the deep pink/deep red I had planned but green. Again.

- Although after this week, that will be a week of more tests and close encounters with needles and such,  I will treat myself to a new bottle of nailpolish. I'm thinking I would love to have a deep raspberry redish/pinkish one. Or possible a chocolate colour. Do you have any favourite bottles in these colours you want to recommend? -

In subdued semi-circus style one might say. From left it's Essie Navigate her, Essie Sew psyched, Opi My address is Hollywood.

go green

The ring adds pink to it. Bought it in Venice in 2003, don't wear it much but it is indeed a perky little thing and I love the handicraft of it.

Hope your week will be a nice one, needle-free but with good nails.


Angella said...

I claim pink as my favorite color too, although I have more gray everythings. I was born on a stormy cloudy day in November so maybe that's why? The gray polish is lovely. My favorite OPI pink is "Elephantastic Pink" but it takes several coats to match and its very pale. Another favorite of mine that is closer to raspberry is "Miami Beet".

DahnStarr said...

Although the season is now turning to fall and a earthy color would be fitting, I would think after another week of more tests you would be in need of a perky color in the pink/red zone! Oh, and I love this mix of greens on you. Green on my nails makes my hands look sickly.

Elephant's Child said...

It was the ring that drew my eye. I play in the garden a lot and am rough on my hands so polish never lasts. I like the subdued colours best.
I am wishing you so much good luck as you go through more medical poking and prodding.

PS: Since you have comment moderation enabled could you perhaps remove the word verification? It can take my up to three or four times to get it right. Frustration.

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