Thursday, September 20, 2012

september thursday

feel free to guess what the top left plastic cans, pink bowl and pinocchio were used for... i bet he never thought that would be a part of his destiny.

apart from that bit - come on guess the bit! - it was s sunny day. crisp air (alas). inauguration of red shoes (nice). good good vegetarian lunch. furry cuddles and naps.

how was your day?


Angella said...

Bottles and Pinochio....not a clue??!!
The red bit on the plate....surely not *gulp*...BEEF?! I know you are a vegan, but I cannot imagine what it is??
Shoes are scandalously adorable!

Elephant's Child said...

The red bit on the plate was beetroot surely. I am thinking that the bottles and Pinochio had to do with washing a loaf dog. Am I right?

Les Bidules de Polux said...

Hey! I love your site, I added your blog in my favorite links on my page <3

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