Tuesday, September 04, 2012

a different kind of oxfords

a new kind of oxfords

This summer did hold new shoes, but this post will not be about the shoes I got, but one of the ones I only admired but didn't get. A different kind, quirky and very stylish, imo, kind of oxfords - which alongside maryjanes must be considered the greatest shoe model in the world - slippers. Add to that brogue and I have a serious kind of want.

Handmade in the same Docksta sole (Swedish granny-style slippers) as the "in grandpa's garden" pair I got last year, which makes them überquirky, weird, cute and ugly at the same time. I saw these pairs at an art museum shop a couple of months ago, but they're sold online too. Made in cooperation with Swedish designer Mats Theselius.

shoe per diem july 25, 2012 - a new kind of oxfords

They weren't available in my size, but I had to try a pair on any way. Really lovely, but probably to flat a shoe for my liking. At home I'm happy with my Birkenstocks, and I really don't need to wear überstylish slippers in my home office - but if I worked in an out-of-home office I would love to get a pair in brown!

There will of course be a post about my new shoes to come, just the kind of easy post that lets the mind rest from all the awfulness of this world we're overwhelmed by each and every day. I know I need to write them, I hope you like to read them. Shoes to keep the horrificness at bay. At least for a while. Now if the shoes were great shoes made of recycled leather or vegan, then it would be even better posts, of course. That too will happen one day, that such shoes (which fill all requirements of eco, comfort, CSR, kindness, style and colour) appear, let's hope it will before all of the polar ice has melted...

Have your summer held any new shoes?

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