Sunday, September 16, 2012

the september weekend that was thoughts

last toy car outing for the season

:: the planned (on kind of a whim) longer road trip was cancelled, for various reasons. unfortunate, but i think a proper little trip with train and spend a few days at the intended destination instead will be much more pleasing. hopefully before the end of this year.

:: we did take the last toy car outing of the season on today though. indian summer day, but with a streak of chill in the air. wistful in many ways.

:: it's now been a full year since i stopped being very good at uploading photos to flickr regularly and cronologically (plus write a few words of where and when, tag them). i use flickr as one of my safety back-ups for photos, for blogging, for MOO, a simple portfolio etc. that's still my aim, sadly when you have a full year of photos to go through and chose from you feel kind of... put off my the whole thing. i'm better at uploading iphone snaps. but i'm still crap at the write a few words and tag them-thing.

i also need to remove and rearrange the photos on my computer's hard-drive, because guess what, the photos take up too much space now... things you should do - in an ideal life where unexpected stuff never happens - regularly. not sure how i'll get this done. maybe just some little thing each day will get me up to date. or possibly put in a whole day (at least) for it.

september 15, 2012

:: the weekend has held some good food and decent, more than decent cakes. ågot has continued to show her deep appreciation and love for little loaf. he has continued to find her an utter nuisance. i've painted striped nails, with an okey result for a first time thing i think. (opi ducle de leche and essie in stitches).

september 16, 2012

september 16, 2012

:: like someone pointed out, the frame apps makes one look very busy. but really, in the case of me, it's more a way to keep my companion weltschmerz at bay and concentrate on the colourful, tasty and good things here and now.

september 16, 2012

:: i've worn perky green shoes, surrounded myself with a lot of green today actually. including spotted the largest cricket i've ever seen. my twitter account reached a 1000 followers (after three plus years, quality not quantity everytime and i'm not interested in the follow back-thing or follow thousands upon thousands of accounts, i have no idea how tweeps manage that and keep up a connection and conversation with a reasonable amount of people. well, of course the answer is; they don't). we had mushroom stew on sourdough bread topped with chanterelles for dinner today.

:: i have not written nearly as much as i would have liked (but the only one who will suffer from it is me i suppose). i have not sewn anything on the bird skirt. but there's always tomorrow. (hopefully). followed by a long week.

shoe per diem sept 16, 2012 - seven shades of green


Elephant's Child said...

I loved your seven shades of green. Thank you.

Unknown said...

It is so pleasant to be able to get out on these nice Indian Summer days! We will soon be into the chillier weather, with winter on its way....Enjoy!

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