Thursday, September 06, 2012

~ shoes for sale

well, why not actually for sure make this week, the first september one, a shoe week.

today two of the pairs that are looking for new homes. for reasons like not my perfect size (felt okey when bought, but not now) and really not my style. i guess which of those reasons these pairs fall under...

the brown el naturalista rana tharu sandals are size 40. these days my feet prefer 41. a really comfortable model (these have only been worn once), but alas this pair not great for me. and you know how much i adore el naturalista shoes...

the white brogue oxfords are just a crazy pair of leningrad cowboys-kind of shoes bought in germany many years ago. not sure why. never worn. but they do look kind of snazzy in photo. size 40.

not that i expect them to get new homes via blog, but it's 'shoe-week' and them bobs are always keen on shoe posing. but if you are interested, give me a shout!

the regular price for a new pair of el naturalista in this model is 148€.

the oxfords (probably not leather) was/is considerably lower.

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