Monday, September 03, 2012

suricate shoes and lemurs

suricat shoes

Possibly the best spent 25 sek ever (~4 usd) - a silly little wind-up thing that makes it impossible to feel blue and blah. Plus suricates are such adorable, quirky creatures.

Much like lemurs. Which I so plan to finally go visit up close and personal before the end of September. Of course I don't like the exploitation of animals in zoos, but in parts I think some zoos have good conservation plans for endangered species, like this aquarium at the Stockholm outdoors museum Skansen.

threesome and one suri-cat

Until that happens I will continue to enjoy the above shoes, the little red suricate (Zigne) and the littlest, fastest lemur cat (Ågot) in the whole wide world.


My two questions of today;
What's your best spent 25 sek/4 usd ever?
Have you ever spent time with a suricate or a lemur?

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