Tuesday, May 14, 2013

anneko organic greeting cards

Stumbled over these lovely greeting cards at Växplats Nybyn during the weekend. Lovely design, recycled paper, soy based inks and organic pigments the greeting cards come with a seed band which you can plant, the little cute gift-tags are in themselves seed cards with meadow mix flower seeds which you can plant.

I've seen similar seed cards in Etsy shops before, but never with this lovely, colourful design on the cards. Looking at the website, which does give a mixed message concerning the origin of the cards, I think the designer is Swedish, lives in Australia but also has a summer studio in Sweden. I'm guessing the cards are printed in both Sweden and Australia, for different markets.

Be as that may, great idea, sweet recyclable cards from Swedish design company Anneko, which will bring happiness in many ways to the reciever.


Elephant's Child said...

Oooh. Here in Australia I have never seen these cards - and would love them. Thank you, I will look further.

Kea said...

I love the dragonfly and owl cards I'm seeing in your photo! They're gorgeous!

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