Thursday, May 02, 2013

articles worth reading

A while back someone hinted that for sanity's sake it's a good thing not to watch or read the news, I gave it a try and I after a couple of months sans news as such I have to say it's a huge relief not to deal with the enormity of human stupidy, evil and pain and the way it's package by journalism. Of course there's no escaping the odd glimpse of it here and there (and human madness is obviously non escapable) but still, switching channels when the news are on and avoiding newspapers have brought a new kind of serenity. If you already haven't, you should give it a try!

That said, the Internets and magazines are full of fascinating and thoughtprovoking articles galore not exactly news-related. Here are some I've enjoyed, for various reasons, recently;

~ Green space means more for satisfaction than neighbourhood's average income

~ What's your social media personality, a lurker, peacock or ranter?

~ Elementary school goes all vegetarian (this IS news but such happy, awesome news indeed!)

~ A piece about the growing vegan movement in Israel

~ Why humans don't want other animals to have rights

~ The joy of creative ignorence, flip your fear into creativity

How about you, have you read something interesting,
great, thoughtprovoking, inspirational, heartwarming
recently you'd like to share?

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heidikins said...

I stopped watching or reading the news years ago. I find I am always finding great articles that aren't "newsy" but I am spared the hurt and carnage of "regualr" news stories. If something is really important I will always hear about it somewhere, and if I'm interested in more info I can look it up. But not reading the newspaper or watching the news or subscribing to an email-a-day news service has been lovely. I'll never go back.


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