Sunday, May 05, 2013

sunday four

shoe per diem may 5, 2013 - no socks!

Remember I was gobsmacked by my friend wearing sandals the other day already? Well today I did it! Okey, no sandals, but no socks and that's huge in my world, not feeling cold without socks. The sun was very benevolent. When spring and early summer come for real, everything goes so so quickly. I hope this weather will last at least over next, long weekend. It's so spirit-lifting.

aubergine and saffron rice

We ran a few errands and bought take-away from this fast food (with healthy options) joint at the other side of town which has great vegetarian options, my favourite being the fried aubergine with saffron rice. The portions are huge, which is a good thing if you share or take the the leftovers in a doggy bag but a terrible food waste if you don't. Had lunch on the veranda and it was lovely, didn't realise I'd missed the outdoors eating as much as I had. (This plate holds about a third of one portion, perfect for one reasonably hungry person, the rest will be enjoyed for two more lunches/dinners.)

Planned bike rides with colourful accessories and fika moments. I really have to use the bike more often this summer!

omg this is the best foot ever!

Someone small and furry loooved my foot - see I'm not the only one who enjoys the feeling of bare feet life.

How was your weekend?


Loretta said...

You are right that is a lot of food! The sandals look so good on you but, our weather still says no to all spring/summer dress. It's cold out!!! It must have been nice eating lunch outside on a nice day. Hope your Monday is nice also!

Poppy Q said...

I love your outfit Miss Pia, and your cute elnaturalistas and birkenstocks. I miss sandal season already, and feel closed in by tights.

Julie and Poppy Q

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