Friday, May 03, 2013

green and yellow another day

shoe per diem may 3, 2013 -

The colours green and yellow continues to play major colour roles in my life these days it seems.

My friend thought it was weather appropriate to go all sandals and no socks already, while I can't even begin to tell you how freezing wrong that is. As soon as the sun disappears it's just so so cold for this time of the year. Thus I welcome May in perky socks instead (bet you haven't heard or seen that before, huh).

I'm also very happy to announce inauguration of yellow handbag went very very well indeed. She was very happy to have her own seat on the train - and clearly my subconscious colour matching knows no boundaries.

blue and yellow

Someone pointed out it was not only matchymatchy but very patriotic of me, well only in colours, since a) patriotism is very close to fanatism in my book and I prefer people to be decent and kind no matter borders and b) Sweden of today is not much to be proud of anyway, sadly.

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