Saturday, May 18, 2013

vegging on åland

veggie on åland

Spent a lovely, as usual, day on Åland. You don't get very many hours there when you take a day trip on the weekend, on Saturday the shops close at 2 or 3 pm and the cafes a bit later so the weather better be good enough to enjoy the outdoors for the rest of the day, but the few hours you do have are always very relaxing and unpretentious - and the food is nice. Granted, they used to have a vegan cafe down by the lakeside which I miss, but there's still a reasonable amount of at least vegetarian options in the lovely cafes and restaurants in Mariehamn.

This was what I had in the way of food this time, which learnt me some lessons. Being that a) I'm not a nachos person, too greasy, too much somehow (I ate about 1/3 of that supersized portion) and I really want my food to be fresher and simpler,

b) you can never go wrong with a piece of åland pancake. And the soy latte was decent although I'd like the coffee to have been stronger.

c) whole wheat pizza crust is great, and to drizzle a bit of garlic mayo on top makes it even better. Although, again, I prefer my food to be fresher and lighter and I'm not a pizza person either.

d) green scrub mittens for vegetables is lovely, although I didn't get any but think it would be a really really great idea to embroider your regular wool mittens up with such a veggie message.

PS I know there may not be such a word as "vegging", but I think the world need such a word, therefore I made one DS


Unknown said...

Looking Good...Sounds great!!

Unknown said...

Pia, for us that are not familiar with your area,there is a wonderful video on You Tube:
Destination unknown Mariehamn Aland Islands, Finland.
Thanks for bringing this area to our attention!

Elephant's Child said...

I am sure that vegging is a word. As in 'vegging out', relaxing and living in the moment.
And yes, that did look like a lovely day. Thank you.

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