Saturday, May 25, 2013

energy balls


Found this recipe via Twitter and one of Sweden's most wellknown producers of organic, vegan products, Kung Markatta. Despite the fact that I am really not a fan of figs I thought it sounded rather nice. A healthy kind of sweet/snacks. Similar to the chocolate balls, but healthier and full of great ingredients and features.


After having made them I can safely say that they are not as satisfying as those chocolate balls (if I'm honest) and the texture is a bit too mushy for my taste. But they're kind of nice just the same, and very filling I might add.

I think it would benefit from the oats not to be included in the food processor mixing, but added afterwards for a crunchier texture. I'll try that next time, also skip the roll in coconut, they are much nicer/crunchier rolled in pumpkin- or sunflower-seeds.


Energy balls
makes about 25 balls

150 g dried figs150 dried, unsweetened apricots
1,5 deciliter oats
6 tbsp coconut oil
6 tbsp cacao
6 tbsp cold coffee
coconut or pumpkinseeds or sunflowers seeds

Remove the little dry stem from the figs. Mix the ingredients properly in a food processor. When it's a smooth mixture form them into small balls and roll them in coconut or pumpkin/sunflower seeds. Put in fridge for a while before you serve them. They freeze well.

Recipe in Swedish


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Elephant's Child said...

They sound good. You could probably replace the figs with dried dates as well.

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