Friday, May 24, 2013

green beauty


Whenever I get something in a special colour I automatically start seeing colour matching things everywhere. In this case it was the cute and quirky (the best word combination you can describe something with, wouldn't you agree?) hair stick from swoondimples that was the instigator of seeing green beauty around me.


Like the fresh asparagus.


And my latest purchase of a fabulous grassy, appleish, obviously asparagusy green nailpolish.
An old handdyed silk scarf.
Sweet apple pie organic rooibos tea.

Green beauty.


Previous sweet things from talented Heather Wynn Millican at swoondimples -
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Unknown said...

Green is the colour of Spring....brightens up our life!

Elephant's Child said...

And it is so many things. Invigorating, exciting, soothing. A wonderful colour - and yum to new season asparagus.

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