Thursday, May 16, 2013

prosit has a new lens

camera shopping <3

In this bag hides something that makes me all ditty with delight. A brand new camera.

The old DSLR has served me well over these past five and a half years, well at least over the first four ones, the crazy amount of several hundred thousand photos taken has taken its toll and deterioration over the last year or so has been significant. It simply doesn't work flawlessly as it used to. But I'm grateful for all those photos, all that patience, any weather condition, sandy beaches, rain, snow, ice, humidity and the odd occasion of smashing into a wall, falling down some stairs (in the company by yours truly).

One of my goal's last year, before health issues hit, was to get a new camera, my dream camera. But revenues alas never allowed. And now it's impossible to be without a proper working tool like a decent camera so it was time to get one, if not the dream camera, but a darn good one just the same. And as usual, it's not the brand nor the flashy, expensive camera that makes a great photographer.  It's not the the tool you use to create, it's how you use the tool you got. The only thing a decent camera won't provide is talent. Which of course is true with pretty much anything in life. Besides, I'm not technically skilled enough to make the most of the finer details of dream camera, and I probably never will be interested in that part of photography (as in life). Thus I'm sure I and Prosit will be more than pleased with our new working friend, and to be honest, it's quite nice to save a whole lot of money by buying a great camera and not the dream camera. Even if it's nice to dream, a dream about the dream camera, there are many other dreams that are much more important, for me, to go after at this moment in time.

Prosit has a new lens. And think it's quite dreamy.

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