Saturday, May 11, 2013

garden bird lights

garden bird lights

Got surprised with this awesome bird lighting chain the other day. Something I had spotted at why-I-don't-like-IKEA a while back and quite enjoyed - as I adore lighting chains, but have far to few of them - solar powered and quirky. Solvinden (the name of the lighting chain) means "the sun wind".

It works brilliantly I have to say, around 10 pm, when dusk calls, the bird starts lighting up in bright orange in quite a delightful way. Each chain unfortunately only holds 5 birds so I can see how quite a few more chains would make a larger impact. Love how you can make the sun work for you, in simple ways. Of course this is just a wee little, silly thing, I would love to make less of a carbon footprint with more use of sunpower in the bigger scheme of things. But for now, I am pleased that summer evenings in garden will be lightened up by orange sun birds.

What kind of lights do you have in your garden?

garden bird lights

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Elephant's Child said...

I love your solar birds - and would have bought them like a shot if I had seen them.
I have solar lights in the garden - and a solar spinner (which moves from red, to green, to blue to purple) lighting up the back deck.

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