Sunday, July 14, 2013

hello summer budapest in green shoes

i can't chose just one favourite snap of today, it has been a day full of little serendipitous moments and snaps. but what i can give you is a little incident that really made my day, in the silliest way yet in a very pia-way. adore when that happens.

we were to catch a plane really early, not my favourite time of the day. when we arrived at the airport the take off was delayed with three hours... one of those incredibly boring tiny airports with nothing to do but wait and silently scream. 

i hadn't slept a wink the previous night due to a close encounter with a soy latte and just too many thoughts and feelings swirling in my head. so my mood was not of the brightest kind (to put it mildly). 

when we went through the security check i was asked to remove my shoes for the umpteenth time and i couldn't help but ask 'why always my shoes?!' - and the answer i got made me laugh a lot. 'well, high quality expensive shoes have more parts and material that makes the alarm go off at the security check. i'm guessing your shoes are not of the cheap kind...'. 

seriously, all those times i've felt ridiculous, and kind of bullied if you like, having had to walk barefoot through the security check when everyone else have had their shoes on - instead it has been my fabulous taste in exquisite shoes that has been the reason, ta-da. from now on i will certainly feel chosen and exclusive when that barefoot moment at airports happens. from crabby to chirpy in a wink of an eye, isn't it fabulous what the right pair of shoes can do?

i've also laughed about the reactions when i tweeted this information, the women who never get asked to remove their shoes at airport security checks felt really miffed. 

dear applegreen ones, you've made my day in more ways than one, i'm so pleased we get to spend some days walking the summer streets of budapest together!

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Unknown said...

LOL! I Love it! It's funny though... at all the US airports I've visited, ALL passengers between 5 and 65 (or so, I can't completely remember the exact ages) MUST remove their shoes. Even cheap rubber flip flops. Just a forewarning, because I know one day, you'll visit me in California, and we'll have lovely pastries and tea.... :)

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